Welcome to Clermont

Brick City Day Parade Entries Wanted – September 12th
Please call Tina Bodensteiner at 563-419-3462 or email at tina.bodensteiner@gmail.com

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Eat Your Way Along The Byway By Picking Up a New River Bluffs Scenic Byway Culinary Passport – 8-20-15

Eat Your Way Along The Byway by Picking Up a New River Bluffs Scenic Byway Culinary Passport

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Brick City Days – 2015


Every Veteran Has A Trail


Friday, September 11th


Lincoln Park Program – Remembrance of  9/11

Rick Wilker Softball Tournament (Fri, Sat, Sun)


Saturday, September 12th


9AM-4PM – Sidewalk Chalk Art ( East Side of Fire Station)

10:30-11AM – Food in the City Park

11AM – Parade – Veteran Grand Marshal

Activities after the Parade

Inflatable Fun House at City Pak

12:00 Chili Cook-off at Fire Station

12:30- 1:00 Registration for Kiddie Tractor Pull

12:00 Best Apple Pie Contest

12:00- 3:00 Chloe the Clown – free face painting and balloons

3:00 CowPie Bingo

5:00 Street Dance


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Organ Concert – Nancy Hine Stedman Day – 8-30-15

Title: Organ Concert – Nancy Hine Stedman Day – 8-30-15
Location: Union Sunday School
Description: Nancy Hine Stedman Day will be celebrated on Sunday, August 30, 2015 in Clermont, Iowa at a 2:30 pm concert in the Union Sunday School Church. A cast of eighteen singers, narrators and two organists will tell, sing and play the story of Nancy and her husband C. Edwin Stedman who were among the very first settlers in Clermont in 1850.

Nancy was the first school teacher in Fayette County in 1850, the first to start a Union Sunday School in Clermont and Fayette County in 1857, and was a leader in organizing food and clothing supplies to be sent from the Clermont and wider area to Fayette County soldiers in the Civil War.
Her husband Edwin farmed and started a hardware store in Clermont, holding nearly every local and county office as well as an organizer of many county events. He was also a church trustee who helped organize and build the first brick church in Fayette County in 1863. When the Presbyterian Church could not maintain its congregation, the church was re-named The Union Sunday School and held classes until 1963.

Each cast member portrays one of the earliest settlers, as the concert will cover years 1850-1872 including the final Civil War year 1865 and summation of soldiers from Fayette County who did not survive.

The Clermont City Council has proclaimed Nancy Hine Stedman Day for August 30. Preliminary organ music and the 2:30 pm scripted concert are free, as is the reception and tea at the Clermont Opera House just one block away.


            Clermont Township and Town’s earliest days will be presented in a scripted organ and 15 voice singing concert in the Union Sunday School Church in Clermont on Sunday, August 30. The Clermont City Council has proclaimed the concert and day as ‘Nancy Hine Stedman Day’ in honor of her many achievements starting in the 1850s that helped provide better lives for the settler’s children.

            Later, Nancy took the lead in organizing supplies of needed food and clothing for Fayette County Civil War soldiers in their campaigns throughout the Tennessee, Mississippi an Arkansas River campaigns.

            Each cast member will portray a very early settler, mostly from Ohio, who came in 1849-50 through 1872. Franklin and Marie Reyner will introduce the need for accurate history as Tobin and Sarah Hough. They will also introduce a thoughtful and prayerful hymn known at the time, which will also end the concert on a very sad note.

            North Fayette Valley music teachers Douglas and Leslie Poppen will portray Nancy and C. Edwin Stedman, childless but in love with each other and their happy achievements and sad occasions.

            Nine male settlers followed the requirement to elect Clermont township officers, which was the first organized government in the county. Families begin to add sheds to their log cabins and small farm buildings, but also find some time for occasional get-togethers to visit, sing, eat together and have some community-wide concerts. The Kindred Minds, a well-known northeast Iowa musical group, will represent the Sawyer, Carlton and Warner pioneer families. These musicians include Art and Jan Roseland, Greg James and Karen Keele Kober.

            Four pioneers who are on their way to professional and financial success include Attorney L.L. Ainsworth, businessman Dr. Levi Fuller, Governor-to-be William Larrabee, and newspaperman/attorney William McClintock. Their friendly debates and suggestions will be portrayed by Charles Wagner, Dr. Wayne Bicknese, William Ashby and Wilfred Eckhardt.  

    Sadness went with disease and accidents, and particularly in the homes of sisters Julie Carlton, Mabel Stough and Nancy Hine Stedman, played by Brenda James, Phyllis Holmstrom and afore-mentioned Leslie Poppen.

            Rt. Rev. Terry Landsgaard will represent 1860-early 1870s Presbyterian pastor Rev. Charles Smith and will conclude the concert. The congregation will be invited to sing along with many of the songs.

            Organists who will play the 1896 Kimball Pneumatic Tubular 1,554 pipe organ include Marvin Kerr from North Liberty and scriptwriter-organist Steve Story. The Union Sunday School Church was constructed in 1863 and is air-conditioned.

The free concert will commence with prelude music at 2:10 pm, followed by the scripted concert at 2:30 pm. Following the concert, the audience is invited to a free tea at the Clermont Opera House one block away where they can meet and visit with cast members.

The concert is sponsored by the Iowa Department Bureau of Cultural Affairs and the Clermont Historical Society.

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