This amazing little town packs a large historical punch.  Nowhere in any other surrounding town will you find the treasures that Clermont has to offer.  This is in large part due to the philanthropy of  the town’s most well-known residents, the Larrabee family.  William Larrabee was the 12th governor of Iowa from 1886-1890.  Along with his wife, Anna, and their seven children, they have left a legacy of monuments and historic buildings.  The grandest of which is his own residence, Montauk, which overlooks the town.

Another factor that makes the town so unusual is its high number of brick buildings.  Clermont enjoyed a thriving brickmaking industry in the second half of the nineteenth century.  They were so famous for their brick, the town earned the name the “Brick City.”  If you would like to read more about historic Clermont, the Clermont Historical Society offers books for sale.

Clermont is located in northeast Iowa, nestled among the rolling hills that were left untouched by the glacial period.  Visitors are pleasantly surprised by the scenic terrain that disproves the notion of a “flat Iowa.”   

The Turkey River flows through the town providing ample recreation opportunities for canoers, kayakers, tubers, and fisherman.  Local bike trails offers the chance for bikers, joggers, walkers, and bird watchers to fully enjoy all that our lush countryside has to offer.  In the winter, cross country skiers and snow shoers trek the trail.  The wintertime is also a chance to be outdoors on a vast network of area snowmobile trails.

Hunting draws many outdoor sportsman to the surrounding wooded areas for whitetail deer and turkey.  Photo enthusiasts like to capture the wildlife, too.

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