Maps of Clermont, Iowa


A.  Montauk
*National Register of Historic Places
G.  Clermont Opera House –
Built in 1912.
M.  Hart Parr Tractor – A 1927
tractor made in Charles City, Iowa.
B.  Statues at Montauk –
Sherman, Farragut and Gen. Dodge.
H.  Clermont Museum – Iowa
State Historical site.  Located in the 1913 Larrabee
Bank.  It has served Clermont since 1912 when it was set up
in the Larrabee School.
*National Register of
Historic Places
N.  Union Sunday School:
An Iowa State Historical Site built in 1858 of the New England
style.  It houses a 1896 Kimball Pipe Organ which was given
as a gift from William Larrabee, electrified in 1910.
*National Register of
Historic Places
C.  Railroad Depot – Served
the Rock Island division from 1872-1971.
I.  John Deere Tractor –
Believed to be the 1st 1937 Model A John Deere Tractor to be
sold in Clermont.
O.  Larrabee School – A gift
from William Larrabee to the town.  It was an Ideal School
in 1912.  Houses the city library, city offices, and
Clermont Historical museum. * National Register of Places  
D.  Lincoln Park and Statue –
Erected in 1902 in memory of the soldiers and sailors of the
Civil War.
*National Register of
Historic Places
J.  The Blacksmith Shop –
Built around the turn of the century.  Gift to Historical
Society from the Burkhard Riegel family.
*National Register of Historic Places  
P.  Gateway to City Park – A
memorial to the town’s pioneers.
E.  David B. Henderson Statue
– Speaker of the US House from 1898-1903, and a hero of the
Civil War.
*National Register of
Historic Places
K.  Stone Jail – Built in 1852
with limestone from Williams Quarry.  It has four-inch deep
windows with bars.
Q.  Bandshell – Located in the
City Park, it is made from Clermont brick.
F.  Episcopal
Church -One of three churches across the country; the site was
chosen in 1876 because of its location in the center of the
*National Register of Historic Places
L.  Power Plant – The Power
Plant was a Flour Mill from 1855-1909.  It was converted
into a hydro-electric power plant in 1910.
R.  Lawn mower from the movie
“The Straight Story.”
S.  Heritage Farm Park



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